Where Can I Find a Practice Test for Pharmacy Technician Certification Exams?

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) provides the primary certification and accreditation for candidates looking to build a career as cesrtified pharmacy technicians. The PTCB has devised a Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) to qualify for this certification.

By completing the PTCE, a pharmacy technician can substantiate to an employer that their knowledge of patient care and medication safety in pharmacy settings will fit acceptable standards worthy of the PTCB certification.

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Practice tests are an excellent way of placing a candidate in the perfect position to excel when the day of the exam dawns. Lower down in this article, we provide further insights into these practice tests and how interested candidates can access them.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

The PTCE assures that a successful candidate fits the PTCB standard and possesses the required knowledge to be certified as a pharmacy technician. The exam can be sat on weekdays all year round, hosted at Pearson Vue test centers all over the US.

Candidates must complete a recognized PTCB education or training program or have the required trainee work experience to be eligible for the exam.

The PTCE comprises one single-form exam consisting of multiple-choice questions. There are 90 questions, 80 of which are scored, with the remaining ten being unscored and included in random positions on the page.

The exam has four sections with Medications (40%), Patient Safety and Quality Assurance (26.5%), Order Entry and Processing (21.5%) and Federal Requirements (12.5%) making up the total 100% mark. The PTCE includes a 5-minute tutorial, 1 hour and 50-minutes for the exam itself, and a further 5-minutes for a post-exam survey, so 2 hours of sitting time in total.

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board presents unofficial exam results on a screen directly after the post-exam survey. Candidates will receive the official results posted in their PTCB accounts within two to three weeks of writing.

PTCB Practice Tests for Pharmacy Technician Certification

Like any vital exam, practice tests are available for the PTCB pharmacy technician certification exam for candidates to refresh and revise the knowledge they’ve learned before writing the exam itself. We have taken this chance to share some resources which host these tests and further information regarding the websites, the other services they offer and the tests themselves. You can find the official pharmacy technician certification board practice exam here.


About MedPreps

MedPreps has a mission to support medical candidates to facilitate their studies and pass certification exams easily, to allow more focus on serving the patients dependent on their services. In 2010, MedPreps identified what it saw as a significant problem for future medical professionals with costly or unavailable study materials for certification exams.

Although some practice questions and other study materials for medical certification exams were available online, many of these materials were not thorough enough and confusing to candidates preparing for targeted exams.

What MedPreps provides

MedPreps offers subscribers a database of countless PTCB practice tests with over 2000 PTCB practice test questions. The material is available via computers, tablets and smartphones, with full-length practice exams and targeted quizzes available. In-depth reporting allows subscribers to track progress and target areas that require improvement.

MedPreps promises its subscribers a quiz platform that generates a unique practice PTCB exam from collected questions written by highly qualified medical instructors and professionals. MedPreps provides explanations and reasoning for answers and the chance to review and diagnostically analyze results to identify key focus areas.

A tracking system provides progress reviews to help identify when a candidate is ready to sit the PTCB certification exam.

What MedPreps costs

MedPreps charges $30 per month for 24-hour daily access to an unlimited number of original PTCB practice tests with practice questions for pharmacy technicians and related reporting and analytics. There are no recurring payments, and MedPreps offers a 100% pass guarantee.

Potential subscribers can gauge the website’s suitability with a 20-question free PTCB practice test available to non-subscribers.


About Mometrix

Mometrix has been educating people in various industries since 2002 and boasts “the world’s largest collection of educational materials for helping individuals pass high-stakes standardized tests…Mometrix study materials comprise a collection of over 174 million words, larger than the entire print history of TIME Magazine.”

Mometrix has a catalog above 3,500 products for over 1,500 standardized exams, with more than 100 updates to products taking place weekly.

What Mometrix provides

Mometrix Academy offers student candidates the opportunity to prepare for various tests, exams and certifications through PTCB practice tests, study advice, and ways to limit test anxiety. Mometrix provides free study guides, video lessons, various online courses, and preparation flashcards.

On the website’s PTCB practice test page, Mometrix gives a detailed overview of the PTCB exam, explaining the exam format, registration process and a plethora of related information.

In addition to a free PTCB practice test, Mometrix offers a PTCB study guide and PTCB flashcards that students can order online. The website also hosts a PTCB exam study course comprising 60 lessons, over 30 instructional videos, 357 flashcards and a range of full-length PTCB practice tests.

What Mometrix costs

The Mometrix PTCB exam study course will cost an interested party $79.99 monthly. The PTCB Exam Secrets study guide is $29.99 for the printed book and $24.99 for the ebook version. The PTCB Flashcards Study System package costs $43.99.

Mometrix also provides a 90-question free practice test to assist potential exam takers.


About Test-Guide

A party of educators founded Test-Guide in 2009 to assist students in excelling in their examinations. Since then, they have helped many candidates in various fields with more than 100 free practice tests, course reviews and other related preparation material.

Test-Guide’s field of experts identifies the best courses, make course comparisons, summarize their features, and then fills their users in on their findings.

What Test-Guide provides

Test-Guide offers a range of free resources spread over a variety of fields of study, including free PTCB practice tests, course and study book reviews, test information and dates, study guides, flashcards, external test resources, information on prep course discounts and test center locations, and expert tips for studying.

For pharmacy technicians, the Test-Guide website has five free PTCB practice tests listed, and their PTCB sample exams are made up of actual PTCB exam questions and answers to prepare candidates for sitting the PTCB exam. These PTCB practice exams don’t require registration to take and include real-time scoring and comprehensive answer explanations.

Along with the tests, Test-Guide provides a PTCB exam overview, taking students through the entire PTCB exam process from registration to scoring while also providing a PTCB exam outline. The page also includes a downloadable PDF of the Official PTCB Candidate Guidebook, which contains guidelines and requirements from the PTCB.

What Test-Guide costs

All the information, resources and pharmacy technician practice tests on Test-Guide are free, and no registration is required.

PTCB Test Prep

About PTCB Test Prep

PTCB Test Prep works with colleges and schools around the US, offering a variety of resources to aid in the PTCB exam preparation of those candidates looking to become qualified pharmacy technicians.

The founders have compiled a comprehensive array of rapid revision features focusing on common PTCB exam questions, updating features monthly to ensure that included material is always current.

What PTCB Test Prep offers

Site visitors can access eight free PTCB practice quizzes with the titles ‘PTCB Practice Questions’, ‘Top 200 Drugs’, ‘Pharmacy Calculations,’ ‘Pharmacology,’ and ‘Prescriptions.’ These quizzes range between ten and 100 questions each, with results immediately available and explanations for each answer.

The website offers information on the exam layout and questions while offering tips on controlling stress and improving results.

For a price, interested candidates can access the Test Prep courses, which contain numerous modules and cover all the compulsory topics for the current PTCB exam.

Depending on the selected course package, students will receive limited-time access to nine test prep modules, thousands of practice PTCB questions, theory and study guides, hundreds of PTCB exam flashcards, and four timed and simulated PTCB exams.

What PTCB Test Prep Costs

PTCB Test Prep offers three courses to aspiring and current pharmacy technicians seeking certification. The costs range from $39.95 to $79.95, depending on the course length and access to resources required by candidates.

As previously mentioned, unregistered visitors can use eight different PTCB practice quizzes at no cost.

PTCB Practice Test

About PTCB Practice Test

PTCB Practice Test is a 100% free website offering free practice tests and other test prep resources to those seeking their pharmacy technician certification. The tests include similar questions to those found on the actual PTCB exam.

What PTCB Practice Test offers

Nine free tests and quizzes are available on the website, all designed to enhance pharmacy technicians’ knowledge and assist while sitting for the exam.

The tests and quizzes cover a broad subject matter: three 20-question PTCB practice tests, an 18-question PTCB Math Quiz, two 50-question Top 200 Drugs tests, a 45-question Pharmacy Abbreviations Quiz, a 25-question Controlled Substances Quiz and a 25-question Quiz on Measurement Conversion. Test answers are displayed immediately, along with explanations.

The website also offers resources on becoming a pharmacy technician, the position’s remuneration, available pharmacy technician schools, PTCB study guides and what a pharmacy technician is.

What PTCB Practice Test costs

PTCB Practice test is free for users to access TCB practice tests and other PTCE exam resources. Users don’t need to register on the website.

For a broad spectrum of topics related to pharmacy technicians, visit our home page.


What does the PTCB include in the exam?

The PTCB asks questions on law, pharmacology, billing and reimbursement, sterility compounding, medical and medication safety, information systems, managing inventory, prescription capturing and quality assurance in pharmacy environments.

How many questions are on the PTCB exam?

The PTCB exam includes 90 questions, all multiple-choice. There are 80 scored questions and ten randomly-positioned unscored questions, with each question containing four possible answers.

How should I practice for the PTCB exam?

The best way to practice for the PTCB exam is to complete practice tests. These challenge you in every PTCB subject and usually include explanations in the answer sections to help with learning. These practice tests also help you know the exam format and what you should expect.

Final Thoughts

It can be nerve-wracking to sit for your PTCB exam, which is why practice tests are so useful for future pharmacy technicians.

There are plenty of paid and free PTCB practice tests available online, as well as additional learning resources and more information on what it entails to be a pharmacy technician, so you can be completely compared for your PTCB exam when the time comes.