Studying Pharmacy Tech at Quinsigamond Community College

Are you looking for pharmacy technician schools in Worcester, MA? Quinsigamond Community College offers great opportunities for students looking to learn the skills they will need to succeed in their careers as technicians.

Here’s what you can expect by enrolling in Quinsigamond Community College for pharmacy tech.

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The program’s goal is to assist students in their pursuit of certification, which includes performing 135 hours of externship at a local pharmacy to ensure they receive practical instruction before completing the program. As for the coursework, classes focus on biology, psychology, and healthcare. 

Coursework can be completed in as little as two semesters. QCC offers transfer opportunities for graduates who want to pursue higher education, allowing them to pursue four-year degrees in this field. Students who already have certifications or have five years of related work experience may be eligible to earn credit for their prior experience if they apply. 

In addition to tuition, students should anticipate covering costs for clinical uniforms, parking fees, and professional liability insurance.

Job Outlook

The workforce is projected to grow at a slower rate than other occupations. However, as the population ages and workers retire or leave the industry, more jobs will become available. Pharmacy technicians are always in-demand in pharmacies and hospitals, where most graduates work after graduation.

QCC equips students with the skills necessary to find work and ensures that their externship experience helps them make the connections they need to make the transition smoother.


To help meet their professional and academic goals, QCC supports students in their studies by providing access to both the Alden Library and Harrington Computer Center. Tutoring is also available for those who need additional help in their courses. 

The college even offers counseling and wellness services to ensure students are taking care of themselves in their studies and provides a list of references for students to use after hours when staff is unavailable.


Quinsigamond Community College is easily one of the best pharmacy technician schools in Massachusetts. With an excellent program designed to give students hands-on experience in a growing field, students leave prepared to receive certification and employment post-graduation. The faculty goes out of their way to advance graduates’ academic and professional careers. Also, the college’s counseling services and research opportunities are invaluable to students.

If you’re considering attending QCC, we recommend scheduling a campus tour, so you can see the school in person and ask more questions about the program.