Studying Pharmacy Tech at Salem Community College, NJ

Are you looking for one of the best pharmacy technician schools in Salem, NJ? Salem Community College’s pharmacy technician comprehensive training course is designed to prepare students to secure a job in the workforce and enjoy a lifelong career.

Here is what you can expect from completing the pharmacy tech program at Salem Community College, NJ. 

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About the School

SCC is a Middle States Commission on Higher Education accredited two-year institution. The school is located in southern New Jersey and offers many programs to help students gain the necessary skills they need for future certification in their field.

The entire community at SCC understands that each student’s needs are different and requires an individualized education that’s most effective for them. Other than small class sizes, intimate training, and guidance from staff, students can expect a vibrant campus life with recreation activities, amenities, and leadership organizations. 

Program Details

Salem Community College’s Pharmacy Tech program is designed to help students gain a comprehensive knowledge of pharmacology that they can bring to any relevant work environment, such as pharmacies and hospitals. 

The program will teach students not only about pharmacology but also human biology, ethical practices, and patient care. After they have completed the program, students will be ready to take the national certification exam for pharmacy technicians to authenticate their skill set. 


The curriculum is designed to give students as much hands-on experience and practical knowledge that directly transfers to their career post-grad. 

The first semester includes the fundamentals of: 

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • English composition
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical terminology
  • Elective of the student’s choice

The second semester begins with an introduction to: 

  • Business
  • Computer applications
  • Speech communication
  • Modern ethics
  • Certification review

Career Prospects

Becoming a pharmacy technician is a very viable career option for those looking to make a steady salary and work under the direction of a pharmacist. The median salary is around $31,280 a year

Candidates for a pharmacy tech job are required to have a certification which validate their skills.  As opposed to other pharmacy technician schools in New Jersey, SCC has a certification review course to give students the best chance at passing their certification to be hired as a pharmacy tech. 

Some examples of careers that you can go into after receiving your certificate include: 

  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacy Aide

Final Thoughts

SCC is one of the best pharmacy technician schools in Salem, NJ, because of the comprehensive pharmacology curriculum and effort to make students well-rounded individuals. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the campus and schedule a tour.

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