Studying Pharmacy Tech at Spokane Community College

If you’re looking for pharmacy technician schools in Spokane, WA, you should look at the programs at Spokane Community College. With study available at several locations, online classes, and multiple programs offered, it’s a great choice to start your career as a pharmacy technician.

Programs Offered

Spokane Community College offers two programs: a certificate-level program and an associate degree in applied science. Here’s what you should know about each.

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The certificate program requires students to earn 67 credits to pass. It’s taught over 12 months, with summer and winter courses available.

The first quarter is preparatory, with studies in anatomy and medical terminology. In the second quarter, studies become more technical, including a module on sterile compounding and aseptic technique, with math and communication to create well-rounded future healthcare providers.

The third and fourth quarters focus on the technical skills students will need to flourish in their professional lives. The fourth quarter, in particular, teaches students what to expect in this career, with modules on community and hospital work settings and a section on adapting to the work environment.

The certificate program is well-paced and provides a strong foundation for students to find their first professional role.

Associate in Applied Science 

The associate degree in applied science has identical core modules to the certificate program. Likewise, it takes place over 12 months. However, it also requires students to take electives and earn 92 credits to pass.

Electives include management, psychology, and mathematical studies. Students may choose which is the most appropriate for their career path.

The associate degree offers a more comprehensive background for technical positions. The BLS estimates that professionals in this field earn an average of $35,000 per year. Having more educational experience and a higher degree could put you at the higher end of the pay scale than a certificate program. 


Spokane Community College is a great choice for convenient pharmacy technician schools in Washington. They have locations across the area, including:

  • Colville Center
  • Inchelium Center
  • Newport Center
  • Republic Center

Additionally, students can take courses online for ultimate scheduling flexibility. 

Enrolling at Spokane Community College

With its flexible study options and a choice of more intensive study with an associate’s degree, Spokane Community College is one of the best pharmacy technician schools in Spokane, WA. Students get the education they need in a year and start their future careers with the knowledge and skills required to succeed.

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