Studying Pharmacy Technology at Pennco Tech in Bristol, Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for pharmacy technician schools in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania, you should consider Pennco Tech. The school has a highly-regarded program and offers great training for pharmacy technicians. Learn more about the pharmacy technician Pennco Tech program.

Pharmacy Technician Pennco Tech: Program

The program at Pennco Tech offers comprehensive training in how to become a pharmacy technician and experience of what it’s like working in a professional environment.

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Students learn procedures including:

  • Assisting with immunizations
  • Providing over-the-counter medicine for patients
  • Measuring, mixing, and labeling doses
  • Managing the practice’s inventory
  • Working with pharmacists to provide authorized prescriptions

Studies are focused on preparing graduates for their first professional roles. While most learning is practical for this reason, the program also offers in-depth knowledge of how pharmacology works. It includes mathematical and physiological components as well as studies of how medicines can affect the body.

The school also teaches students about different work environments for pharmacy technicians. These include hospitals and care homes as well as community pharmacies, drug stores, and supermarkets.

This should offer graduates an excellent basis to transition into a professional environment. Organizational skills are also a key component of studies, and the program teaches how to manage personnel, stock, and clients.


Prospective students searching for pharmacy technician schools in Pennsylvania should note that in addition to its Bristol, PA campus, Pennco Tech has a campus in Blackwood, NJ. This is located close to Philadelphia and offers New Jersey-based students a shorter commute.

The main campus for the pharmacy technician Pennco Tech program is at its Bristol, PA location.


The school prides itself on connecting graduates with employers within a few months of graduation. Its focus on the practical skills you’ll need to succeed in a pharmacy environment is well-regarded by employers and means that students should secure a placement swiftly after graduation.

The BLS estimates the median annual salary for a pharmacy technician to be around $35,000, with reasonable growth prospects from 2020 through 2030. This can be increased by advancing to a managerial position – the organizational skills taught during the pharmacy technician Pennco Tech program are advantageous in securing a higher position.

Pharmacy Technician Pennco Tech: Final Thoughts

Prospective students looking for pharmacy technician schools in Philadelphia may wish to consider the Blackwood campus, but the Bristol, PA campus is at the center of this school’s excellent pharmacy technician program. We recommend contacting the school to learn more about each location before applying.

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