Studying Pharmacy Technology at Wake Technical Community College

Pharmacy Technology is a growing field with excellent career options. Many students choose to train at Wake Technical Community College and enjoy lifelong careers as highly skilled pharmacy technicians. 

But is this the right program for you?

Below, we share some details on what you can expect from studying pharmacy technology at Wake Technical Community College.

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The Program 

A pharmacy technician from Wake Tech is a professional support role for licensed pharmacists. Graduates can assist with: 

  • Prescription medications
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Pharmaceutical care services
  • Other services and products for patients

Enrolling and completing pharmacy technician school in Raleigh, NC, is the first step towards legally taking on the role of a pharmacy tech. The program at Wake Tech is an associate degree program that requires both general courses and the essential education requirements of a tech. It can also serve as a stepping stone to further education options within the field. 

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists also accredits the program.

The Courses 

The courses are designed to produce top-notch technicians who are prepared for the day-to-day role of working with a pharmacist and patients. Course options balance the science of pharmacology and the customer-service element of interacting with patients. 

Course options include: 

  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacy Calculations Lab
  • Hands-On Clinical Options
  • Sterile Products
  • Pharmacy Practice

The ultimate goal of the courses and program is to prepare students to meet the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy requirements. These requirements include earning a certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Wake Tech graduates have an impressive PTCB pass rate that exceeds the national average.

The Campus 

The Wake Tech pharmacy technician school in North Carolina, hosts classes on the Perry Health Sciences Campus. The health sciences campus hosts classes for a variety of health-related fields of study, including dental hygiene and emergency medical sciences. 

The campus collaborates with Wake Med and nearby healthcare institutions for hands-on clinical training opportunities. These allow students to work in a pharmacy and apply classroom lessons to their careers. 

The Perry Health Sciences Campus also has several student services to enrich campus life. These services include: 

  • Study areas
  • Library
  • Tutoring center
  • Internet access
  • Career counseling
  • Dining options
  • Financial aid

The Bottom Line 

The pharmacy technician program at Wake Technical Community College prepares graduates for success in Raleigh, NC, and beyond. With a blend of real-world training options and enriched classroom environments, students leave this program prepared for certification exams and to provide pharmaceutical services under the direction of a licensed pharmacist. 

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