What’s the Best School for Pharmacy Technician Training in Anaheim, CA?

Two of the best pharmacy technician schools in Anaheim, CA, are American Career College and North Orange Continuing Education. But which is the right choice for your future? 

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Timing and Scheduling

When considering your degree progression, two essential aspects are the time needed to complete the program and the schedule flexibility.

North Orange Continuing Education’s pathway is spread over 10-18 months. In contrast, American Career College offers a program that can be completed within nine months. Most programs for pharmacy technicians take under a year to complete, but some can take longer and usually reward a degree rather than a certificate.

Class schedules are another valuable facet to include in your choice. ACC provides the ability to utilize morning, evening, and weekend classes. A more flexible planning structure that you’ll find at ACC allows for manageable work and school schedules that don’t conflict. NOCE doesn’t accommodate weekend schedules at this time.


Tuition is another narrowing component when deciding between the two pharmacy technician schools in California

NOCE offers the advantage of free tuition, which solely requires students to purchase textbooks and other course materials. There is financial aid available at ACC, but it will depend on the student’s situation.

Completion and Externships

These two programs both require an externship to be completed with an approved pharmacy. Both offer meetings with school staff to aid with the externship, but they vary in structure.

For NOCE, the requirement is distributed among two courses which require a combined number of 290 hours. One is an entry-level position, whereas the other is advanced. In contrast, ACC requires 300 hours from one externship.

Both programs meet the minimum requirements for California state licensing.  NOCE will provide students with a certificate upon completing their desired track, whereas ACC grants students a degree. While you don’t need a degree to become a tech, it can improve your chances of employment or increase your pay. 

Choosing the Right School

Both of these institutions are excellent choices for pharmacy technician schools in Anaheim, CA. However, when analyzing the best path for you, it primarily comes down to your availability and preferences.

North Orange Continuing Education develops a pathway that caters to students who can commit to daytime classes and want multiple externship experiences. American Career College provides a fast-tracked program on a flexible schedule.

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