What’s the Best School for Pharmacy Technician training in Miami Lakes?

If you are ready to become a fully trained pharmacy technician, the next step is finding the right school for you. With so many pharmacy technician schools to choose from in South Florida, you may feel unsure about which program to choose.

We’re here to help you decide with more information about two of the best pharmacy technician schools in Florida: Baptist Health and Southeastern College.

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What Do the Different Programs Cover?

Both Baptist Health and Southeastern College are pharmacy technician schools in Miami Lakes which prepare their students to become qualified technicians and gain employment. However, there are some differences between the two programs.

Baptist Health

Baptist Health is a 16-week, 600-hour course which requires full-time attendance. The course provides eight weeks of experiential rotations so that students get to develop their skills in numerous areas, including:

  • Retail and outpatient
  • Hospital and acute care 
  • Advanced hospital 
  • Acute care rotation

The course combines online learning with on-campus practical work. On completion, students can apply to register as a pharmacy technician with the Florida Board of Pharmacy.

Southeastern College

Southeastern College offers a 1224-hour diploma in pharmacy technology at its Miami Lakes campus. You can complete the diploma program in either ten months full-time or 18-months part-time. The course is completed entirely on campus. 

The curriculum includes all the subjects necessary for direct employment, such as: 

  • Pharmaceutical calculations 
  • Body systems 
  • Drug therapy

What Are The Benefits of Baptist Health?

  • The course is taught in small classes of 10 people.
  • The program partners with inpatient and outpatient pharmacies in the area to give students real-life experience during their studies.
  • The Florida Board of Pharmacy has approved the program.

What Are The Benefits of Southeastern College?

  • Southeastern College offers more than 218 hours of externship hours, which means that students have a lot of experience entering the workplace.
  • Students study both professional and technical skills.

What Are The Drawbacks of Baptist Health?

  • Baptist Health’s program only takes 16 weeks, which could be too truncated for those looking for in-depth training. 

What Are The Drawbacks of Southeastern College?

  • There is no short course offered at the Miami Lakes branch. Instead, students must complete 10 or 18 months of study, which might not suit everyone’s schedules.

The Round-Up

If you are looking for pharmacy technician schools in Miami Lakes, both Baptist Health and Southeastern College are great options to consider. The major factor that differentiates these schools is the timeline. Baptist Health is better suited for students who want their diploma quickly, while Southeastern College offers more comprehensive training designed to prepare students for advanced careers in the pharmaceutical field. 

At the end of the day, both pharmacy technician schools in South Florida will help you meet your goal of becoming a qualified pharmacy technician.

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