Which is best for Pharmacy Technician Training in Durham, NC: Duke or Durham?

Becoming a pharmaceutical technician is a great career move. Job demand is high, and the industry’s expected to grow by 12% by 2026 – much more than other sectors. The best way to get started is with the right program. 

Here, we’ll explore two of the most popular pharmacy technician schools in Durham, NC: Duke Pharmacy and Durham Tech.

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Duke Pharmacy Program

Duke is one of the long-standing pharmacy technician schools in Durham, NC. Candidates will gain valuable insights from world-class academic and medical facilities. This will teach you how to work effectively as a pharmaceutical technician

The program aims to:

  • Prepare candidates for employment via the Duke University Health System (DUHS)
  • Cultivate a steady source of high-level pharmacy technicians to meet the health system’s needs
  • Offer superior clinical training to students at an affordable cost
  • Get students ready to achieve their PTCB Certification

The Duke University Pharmacy Technology Training Program’s piloted in partnership with pharmaceutical departments of the multi-site Duke University Health System’s member institutions. The departments are involved with many medical facilities. 

This means candidates have the opportunity of broad experience via several pharmacy sites and receive on-site and remote training from Duke University Health System specialists.

Durham Tech Pharmacy Technology Program

As far as pharmacy technician schools in North Carolina go, Durham Tech offers a superior modern choice. The program prepares students to work with pharmacists and perform tasks they will be expected to perform behind the counter.  

Students can earn a diploma or certificate in less than 12 months, and an Associate in Applied Science qualification if studying longer. Federal financial assistance is also available unlike with Duke. 

Students learn to: 

  • Get prescription medication ready
  • Make intravenous solutions and other specified medication
  • Update patient files
  • Uphold inventories
  • Package medication in med-card or unit-dose form
  • Collect data that pharmacists use to monitor drug treatment

The course is carried out both on-campus and online. Practical work is taught at Duke University Medical Center, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Durham Regional Hospital, Rex Healthcare, Person Memorial Hospital, the University of North Carolina Hospitals Lincoln Community Health Center, and selected retail pharmacies. This way, you can find the most convenient location for you. 

The courses are accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

Choosing Between Duke and Durham

As you can see, both pharmacy technician schools in Durham, NC have their merits. Both offer hands-on training and opportunities to work with industry professionals. However, Durham may be the best choice for those seeking federal financial assistance.

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