Becoming a Pharmacist in Nevada – Find a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree

Becoming a Pharmacist in Nevada gives you a handful of quality options that could get you closer to financial freedom and the chance to be a part of a high-demand career. Collaborations with other healthcare professionals about public human safety and the use of vaccines are some of the most recent examples of the power people hold when they get a Doctorate in Pharmacy (PharmD) and give back to their communities.

Nevada is the gambling and entertainment capital of the country and has grown exponentially. With over 3 million people, they’ve seen population increases as high as 9.7% since 2020. With a new NFL team and more residents from California looking for affordable housing, it’s safe to say that choosing Nevada as a place to study and practice pharmacy is an excellent opportunity.

Average Pharmacist Salary in Nevada

The high demand for Pharmacists in Nevada is crucial. There is only an average of 2,500 pharmacists licensed and ready to practice, making room for growth. The annual mean wage a pharmacist makes is $127,250, while the national average is $128, 570 making Nevada one of the leaders in wage opportunity and equality. Nevada’s cost of living has increased and is 10% higher than the national average due to the robust housing market and rapidly growing metro areas.

Nevada Requirements for Pharmacists

The Nevada State Board of Pharmacy clarifies a few ways you can obtain a pharmacy license once you’ve gotten your degree or even while you’re still studying. The three methods are passing the examination combined with passing school, doing the required intern work while in school, or transferring your license from another jurisdiction.

The Examination Application states a few items you must check off your list to make your application valid and complete.

  • You must successfully pass your North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX). and Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE).
  • 1740 Intern Hours (minimum).
  • Transcripts from an accredited college conferring your pharmacy degree.
  • $250 application fee.

It’s called reciprocation when you transfer your license from one jurisdiction to another. Nevada Transfer requirements are allowed from all 50 states, including California and Florida, as long as you can pass the NAPLEX exam.

  • Must register to take MPJE.
  • Pay a $250 application fee.

Intern Requirements work when a student is currently in pharmacy school and will intern with a facility for hands-on training.

  • An official letter from the dean’s office stating you are enrolled in pharmacy school, not just accepted.
  • $40 application fee.
  • If a foreign graduate, include a copy of your FPGEC certificate.

Nevada’s In-State Schools With A PharmD Program

In-state schools in some regions are harder to find than in others, and Nevada is on that list. While they do have a few options that get you close to your PharmD, there are some items you’ll have to consider in terms of whether you should attend school in Nevada and consider creating a long-term career in the state.

University Nevada Las Vegas- UNLV

University Nevada Las Vegas- UNLV is a pre-pharmacy program that offers students the chance to take all their prerequisite coursework to prepare for the final university they will attend for their doctorate. Unfortunately, UNLV does not have a complete comprehensive pharmacy program that sees you to graduation, but this could be the perfect option if you already live in the state or are close to it.

In-state tuition costs $8,893 for a year, and out-of-state tuition is $22,807, which is considerably low compared to most private PharmD programs.


  • You must pass prerequisite courses like Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Statistics, English and Psychology. In addition, you must check with your future school to ensure these courses meet their specific program requirements.
  • Pass the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) to test appetite and show competency in other pharmacy graduate programs.
  • Submit your application to the primary schools of your choice.

UNLV’s pre-pharmacy program is beginners start to obtaining a PharmD in Nevada and is a good choice if you desire to move to a program in another state or study online where you can finish your doctorate and obtain a license.

Roseman University of Health Sciences

Partnered with Nevada State College (NSC), students will complete three years of study with NSC and transfer their last years to Roseman University to finish an accelerated three-year PharmD program. They have a comprehensive website that allows you to find out all the course requirements and how to apply.

Attending Nevada State College, your undergraduate costs will run $185 per credit hour, keeping costs relatively low. When you’re attending Roseman for your Graduate degree program, tuition and fees per year can run you $58,540 for the program each year, $1150 worth of immunization fees and a NAPLEX prep class for $75. 

Advantages of Roseman University’s PharmD program:

  • Save yourself time by possibly skipping 2 years of course study, making it 6 years instead of 8.
  • Save yourself money with less schooling.
  • You get to skip the PCAT test.
  • You receive hands-on experience through clinical study.

Online Schools Offering PharmD Programs

It has never been easier to obtain a PharmD from the comfort of your own home and if you’ve been preparing for a career in pharmacy, it can be a breeze to find the right program. Flexibility and ease can come from creating the pace and schedule you desire. However, be careful with which school you choose; You’ll find many options that have yet to receive accreditation.

St. John Fisher College

St. John Fisher College has its roots based out of Rochester, New York, with its primary school open and operating in pharmacy for over 16 years. They have been under the Wegmans School of Pharmacy to educate thousands of students, and they are not new to the game. This engaging and inclusive learning environment creates a community of support for those with different learning styles without ever needing to participate in a hybrid program.

Benefits of attending the St. John Fisher College PharmD program:

  • More than 11 clinicals totaling over 2,000 hours of hands-on clinical study and rotations, giving you a head start on your career
  • Waiver of the PCAT requirement
  • By year two, you’ll be ready participating in hands-on experiences
  • Social, administrative, behavioral and biomedical clinicals will help drive your one-on-one experience at St. John Fisher College
  • 24/7 tech support and complete course recordings for your scheduling needs

The estimated total cost for the PharmD program is $181,337, costing around $1,130 per credit hour; however, you’ll need to consider other fees associated with attending college like transportation, housing, books, supplies and program expenses. They offer a Cost of Attendance Worksheet to help you prepare for this exciting new career and consider financial aid through FAFSA and Scholarships to offset the cost.

Admissions to St. John Fisher College are as rigorous, and being on top of your tasks, GPA and course credit hours are required. However, you will find the ease with which you can plan for your future with Fisher College, not to mention it being the only online school that offers an accredited PharmD program you can start today.

Creighton University    

The online PharmD program offered at Creighton University’s School of Pharmacy prides itself on being one of the first schools to provide a Distance Pathway, beginning in 2001. This school could be a valuable option with so many years to get things right. Essentially you finish all your prerequisite coursework and move on to the Distance Pathway to finish.

Benefits of Creighton University’s PharmD program

  • Online interactive platforms through video conferencing and other media
  • They offer different pathways to learning if you’d like a hybrid experience
  • Financial aid is provided to those who qualify
  • *not yet accredited

Tuition for Creighton University’s PharmD program will fluctuate from $38,514 in the first three years. In the fourth year, you’ll pay around $58, 318 and these figures do not account for the cost of living expenses, books and transportation, so consider this when planning for this school.

It’s simple to apply online and keep up on important dates as their site does an excellent job of preparing future students.

Beginning The Pharmacy Career of Your Dreams

Roseman University, which partners with Nevada State University, is the best choice for attending an in-state school that is a one-stop-shop for getting your PharmD– no hybrid courses, just getting the work done in less time. Online options continue to grow as more universities see the need for extensive doctorate programs obtained from the comfort of your own home, and St. John Fisher College checks all the boxes of accreditation down being known as a solid partner in pharmacy.

Pharmacists work in various areas of the health sector, such as hospitals, general merchandise stores, big-box stores and private or clinical pharmacies. With the proper training, you have a chance to dive deep into clinical research with long-term dedication. However, health and personal care stores take the lead in most employment hiring and opportunity.

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