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By 2028, there will be a projected 451,900 pharmacy technicians employed in the United States. However, it wasn’t so long ago that the career did not even exist. Thirty years ago, pharmacy aides and clerks were trained on the job at the employer’s will, barely paid above minimum wage and treated as easily replaceable unskilled labor.

Fortunately, the career took a turn for the better with the advent of professional standards and certifications. Today’s pharmacy techs enjoy a career with more respect, more responsibility and much better wages. 

We believe in the continuation of this trend. As pharmacy techs become more and more prevalent in the industry, and we as a society become increasingly dependent on medications, professional standards are an essential cornerstone of patient safety. This website is our attempt to contribute to the continued advancement of pharmacy technicians within the healthcare sector. 

We want to stress that the founders and contributors to this page do not represent any financial interest or commercial enterprise. We are merely pharmacy technicians who wish to share information with prospective colleagues and inform others about the profession’s current processes and educational standards. Our goal is to provide a complete set of instructions for those who are newly entering the career. 

Daniel Pineda

Editor and Contributor

Daniel has worked as a pharmacy technician in a retail pharmacy for the past 12 years. As a true “Type A” personality, Daniel enjoys the precision of the work and the busyness of the retail industry. When he’s not at his primary job or busy with his growing family, Daniel is a technical non-fiction writer, science fiction enthusiast and avid golfer.

Lisa Cerrado

Contributing Writer

When she accepted a job at a local, family-owned pharmacy, Lisa didn’t expect it to pique an interest in a healthcare career, but it did. Now a Certified Pharmacy Technician, Lisa is currently in the process of applying to pharmacy colleges. She eventually hopes to gain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and pursue a career in research.

Phillip Pruitt

Contributing Writer

After starting his career as a morgue clerk in a local hospital, Phillip was elated to transfer to the pharmacy department in 1994 and has no regrets. Due to the perks of seniority, he now enjoys weekends off and spends them happily tending his garden and strolling the beach with his partner and their two dogs.

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