Becoming a Pharmacist in New Hampshire

Becoming a Pharmacist in the state of New Hampshire is a rewarding experience. It gives prospective students excellent opportunities to attend quality facilities and the option to take online courses. Getting your education in-person or online has never been easier than now. In addition, having a Doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) means you have the opportunity to reach high financial echelons due to the variety of business models that will need your services.

Pharmacists practice in major department stores, and private pharmacies worldwide, working online and opening a business on their own– working for yourself is an excellent option for those with the entrepreneurial spirit. Above all, collaborating with other professionals in your field will improve the health of your community and allow you to give back by improving public human safety.

Average Salary for a Pharmacist in New Hampshire

The annual mean wage for a Pharmacist in New Hampshire is $128,870, while the national average is $128,570. However, the cost of living is 5.4% higher than the national average and a population approaching 1.5 million residents. With a low population and being a seasonal destination spot for vacationers, the cost of living can change significantly depending on where you’re located in the state.

New Hampshire Requirements for New Pharmacists

The New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy sets requirements for Pharmacists for new pharmacists are that are required, but not limited to:

  • Paying all the necessary fees online
  • Official transcripts must be mailed or emailed directly from the school
  • Documentation of internship hours, receipt of your certified Pharmacy Education or transferring your hours from another state or jurisdiction

New Hampshire In-State Schools With A Pharm.D. Program

New Hampshire has many quality education options to attend a Pharm.D school. They are fully accredited, and both have years of experience creating a hands-on learning experience. However, there is a significant consideration when attending in-state schools. For most students, it boils down to price, accessibility, and the open job market waiting for them on the other side of their Doctorate program.

Northeastern University Bouvé of Health Sciences

Northeastern University offers a private Pharm.D. program that touts the unique benefits of participating in their education model (co-op). The interactive environment helps connect students with affiliated hospitals, government agencies and community pharmacies to get you working in the field, gaining priceless professional experience to launch successful careers right out of school.

Northeastern University’s Pharm.D. program highlights

  • Affiliation: 120+ affiliated clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and private companies all working to give students a complete experience.
  • Pass Rate: 98.15 of 2020 graduates passed the NAPLEX licensure exam.
  • Experience: 100% of students complete four months of co-op work experience.
  • Employment: 98% of NU graduates are employed full-time or enrolled in graduate school within 12 months of graduation.

Tuition for Northeastern University’s Pharm.D. program is $26,108 per year, and they offer financial aid to students who qualify.

The main focus of NorthEastern University’s website isn’t about pricing or requirements to get in; instead, they want you as a prospective student to understand that diversity, inclusion and being an activist for public health and safety is the number one objective. In addition, they know that half the battle is understanding that access to quality healthcare and pharmaceutical interventions is critical to address so that ethnic health disparities become smaller.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy (MCPHS) is a public, full-time accelerated Pharm.D. program on Worcester and Manchester campuses. Some of their core values include leading change to contribute to patient well-being by following characteristics that functionally serve the community.

Some of those beliefs include being adaptable, always providing a meaningful educational experience and being honest and transparent in all school-related activities. This leads to the flexibility you experience. In addition, they can serve multiple areas in New Hampshire, making them an excellent choice for current residents and students who’d like to share all of what the state has to offer.

Advantages of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy

  • Professional Experts: Work alongside some of the best in the field.
  • Education Requirements: Build on your previous bachelor’s degree or sufficient credits to earn your degree in only 34 months.
  • Locations: Boston, MA, Worcester, MA, Manchester NH

Before applying for the program, the educational admission requirements include having a bachelor’s degree or the appropriate amount of college credits from an accredited college or university with a “C” or better.

Tuition and cost per credit hour at MCPHS are $1,275 and $34,700 per academic year at the Boston campus in undergraduate classes. However, when you get into the Pharm.D. program taken at the Worcester or Manchester campus, the cost rises considerably to $54,810 for extensive credit hours needed to get your Pharm.D.

Attending the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy is a good choice for undergraduate students looking to finish their graduate work with the university. There is another bonus with multiple locations to best serve you and where you’d like to attend school, so consider cost and flexibility when making your decision.

Online Schools Offering Pharm.D. Programs

When choosing a school to attend an online Pharm.D. program, the most crucial factor is accreditation. Any school that has received accreditation for their online program must list that the Accreditation Council approves them for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). If they do not designate this accreditation, it means they are still waiting for approval, and if you’ve invested in the school before accreditation, not only will you miss out on time, but you may end up spending a whole precious year until another Pharm.D. program opens up again.

Another vital factor about obtaining a Doctorate online is the ease with flexibility and schedule, allowing most of their students to carry on everyday lives during the day and possibly take classes at night or however you see fit.

St. John Fisher College, in partnership with Wegmans School of Pharmacy

St. John Fisher College is partnered with Wegmans School of Pharmacy to offer an accredited online PharmD. Program and is the first of its kind. With over 16 years of seamless creative learning environments at their physical location in Rochester, New York, they can assist students in tailoring their very unique learning style without attending a single hybrid class.

St. John Fisher College Pharm.D. Program Highlights

  • Accreditation-ACPE: Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) has given St. John Fisher College’s Pharm.D. program accreditation through June 2024.
  • Patient Experience: Hands-on experience is reached by year two.
  • Employment: The Dean at Wegmans School of Pharmacy reports that 100% of its students are employed.
  • Varied Experience: Your career boosts with 2,000 hours of hands-on clinical study and rotations over many other students.
  • Technology Centered: All lessons are recorded along with 24/7 technical support.
  • Pharmacy First: Experiential learning accounts for more than 30% of the curriculum.

St. John Fisher College dedicates itself to preparing students for the program’s financial needs by offering a cost of attendance worksheet and ensuring that financial aid is available to those who qualify. The estimated rough cost of tuition is $1,130 per credit hour, totaling around $181,337 for the whole program. Keep in mind that these figures do not include living costs while attending college, tuition or books, so prepare by thinking about your financial obligations early.

Requirements To Apply to St. John Fisher College

  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 and no lower than a “C” grade
  • Two letters of recommendation from a professional source
  • If applicable, complete 62 credit hours of prerequisite courses and official transcripts from your undergraduate program
  • Course evaluation must be performed for international applicants and TOEFL scores with transcripts sent to World Education Services (WES)
  • Must complete a background check once accepted into the program

John Fisher College offers extensive benefits to its online students while being the first accredited option offering a Doctoral program in Pharmacy right from the comfort of your own home. Online learning can provide more flexibility. It gives you the full responsibility of driving your educational experience, not held back by location, class size, or mood. If you’re ready to jump-start your future, apply for St. John Fisher College’s Pharm.D. program.

Planning your New Pharmacy Career

Getting your Pharm.D. in New Hampshire gives you quality and diverse options with a great atmosphere. If you know your ultimate goal of obtaining your degree, choosing a suitable school may be easy. For others, it’s simply deciding how much freedom and flexibility you need in life and for many, online options are a way for those with families or financial responsibilities. You, too, can have a college experience without the physical sacrifice of getting to school every day or asking your job for schedule amendments.

In New Hampshire, you can hold a wide range of positions when you obtain your Pharm.D., including private practice, working in retail, or becoming an integral hospital member. The possibilities are endless, and schools are filling up fast, so visit the school of your choice today.