Dominate The NHA Pharmacy Tech Test With These Effective Practice Tests

Choosing a career path can be challenging. Not only should you find something you have a passion for, but you should also explore the requirements and prospects for the position.

This guide will take you through the qualifications required to become an assistant pharmacist.

We will also provide you with the information you need to prepare for and pass any pharmacy technician tests required to enter the pharmacy industry.

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Why Study To Become A Pharmacy Technician?

A pharmacy technician position is a promising role for suitable candidates. The employment prospects of pharmacy technicians are projected to grow by as much as 5% by 2031.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also states that the median pharmacy technician salary for 2021 was $36,740.

Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies and hospitals. The prescription medication they dispense will go to the customer directly or to health professionals.

A pharmacy technician’s main job responsibilities include the following;

  • Measuring medication
  • Labelling and packaging of prescription medication
  • Mixing medication compounds
  • Query management
  • Prescription refill authorization requests
  • Updating medical records
  • Assisting vaccinations

What Qualifications Are Required To Be A Pharmacy Technician?

Most pharmacies require certification. This shows that applicants have the knowledge required for the position of pharmacy technician.

The NHA CPhT exam was created by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). This determines the skill level and suitability of candidates for roles.

The NHA provides a range of industry certifications and is nationally accredited.

What Is In The NHA CPhT Exam?

The NHA CPhT exam is broken down into four sections. These are known as the healthcare domains. They are designed to test potential pharmacy technicians on their knowledge. The exam is broken down into the following percentages:

  • 25% Laws and Overview
  • 15% Drug Therapy and Drugs
  • 45% The Dispensing Process
  • 15% Quality Assurance and Medication Safety

In total, 100 questions are scored. The test begins with 20 data-gathering questions.

Laws and Overview

This section makes up 25% of the exam. There are three further subdomains in the section. These are:

  • Scope of Practice, General Pharmacy Technician Duties, and the Role
  • Regulations and Laws
  • Controlled Substances

Drug Therapy and Drugs

The drugs section of the test explores drug classification and frequently prescribed medication.

The Dispensing Process

The dispensing process is the largest section and covers 45% of the test. This section is broken down into four further subdomains, including:

  • Medication Order Intake, Entry, and Prescription
  • The Preparation and Dispensing of Prescriptions
  • Medication Calculations
  • Compounding, Nonsterile and Sterile Products, Repackaging, and Unit Dose

Quality Assurance and Medication Safety

The final section covers fulfilling prescriptions. It also explores the guidelines and quality assurance checks required of pharmacy technicians.

How to Prepare for the NHA CPhT exam

To become a certified pharmacy technician, you must pass your NHA CPhT exam. One of the best ways to prepare for this is by taking practice exams.

Using a practice test and study guide will help. It allows you to understand the style of questions in the pharmacy technician certification exam.

Pharmacy technician practice tests are designed to replicate the actual exam and can help as a study guide.

Taking an NHA pharmacy tech practice test will test your knowledge of patient safety. It will also cover particular drug information and your dispensing knowledge.

The following practice tests put you in the best position to pass your exams and become a certified pharmacy technician.

NHA Pharmacy Technician Resources

NHA site

The NHA provides a selection of resources to help potential pharmacy technicians prepare for their exams.

A range of guides and practice exams are available for students. The test prep materials include individual practice test options and study guides. There are also bundles available that include all materials.

Online prep bundles will vary in cost. The PharmaSeer + ExCPT exam prep bundle costs $363. This study guide is made up of 20 modules and includes a practice assessment.

Alternative NHA Study Materials

Alternative NHA study materials

The NHA also offers a great selection of preparation materials for pharmacy technicians. These include:

Online Study Guide

The NHA online study guide has a number of great learning tools. These include quizzes, interactive games, and videos. The cost of this guide is $62.

Practice Exam

The NHA practice exam is based on real exams. For $44, you will have the opportunity to take the test 6 times.

Preparation Package

This package offers great value for money. It contains high-quality study materials and a practice test. The bundle costs $83.

Test Plan

The test plan is a study aid that helps students schedule the key concepts that will feature in the exam. The test plan is free of charge.

Exam Edge NHA CPHT (CPHT) Test Prep and Practice Tests

Exam Edge site

Exam Edge offers a selection of practice tests for pharmacy technicians in training. Savings can be made when buying larger test bundles in bulk.

NHA CPHT certification practice tests are available to access online with Exam Edge. The web-based practice exams don’t require installation or software. 24-hour access provides students with a great level of convenience.

Each exam is made up of 90 multiple-choice questions. Exams can be taken a maximum of four times each.

Another great benefit is that each question comes with a detailed explanation. This can help to increase your knowledge as you practice.

Tests can be taken with no time limit. Alternatively, there is a timed option to simulate real test conditions.

The site offers a free sample test so that you can ensure this is the best option for you.

Exam Edge is a reputable study tool that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. There are 25 practice tests available. 2,250 unique questions will test your knowledge of a range of relevant subjects.

Prices start from $27.95 for one test up to $211.25 for all 25. This represents a saving of 69% against individual test prices.

Udemy NHA Practice Exams

Udemy site

The practice exams by Udemy were created by a University of Colorado Pharmacy Instructor and students. Having a practice test designed by pharmacy technicians is of great benefit.

Using their experience as educators and students, they created three practice exams. Each exam has 100 questions that are similar to the questions from the actual exam.

They have been recently updated to provide an up-to-date learning experience.

Each question comes with a detailed explanation. This works as an excellent study aid. It allows students to get a better understanding of the questions they will face in the exams. The detailed explanations help to fill any knowledge gaps as they do this.

You’re able to track your progress and time yourself while completing the practice tests.

The tests are regularly updated to current exam standards. Recently FDA approved medications are regularly integrated into the tests. Obsolete material is also removed.

The price point of $19.99 (discounts are regularly offered) is highly competitive.

The tests are also proofed and edited before being published. This removes errors and typos.


How much does it cost to take the NHA CPhT exam?

NHA CPhT applications cost $125. Always ensure you have prepared thoroughly before applying for the test.

Do you have to renew your NHA CPhT certification?

You will be required to renew your NHA CPhT certification every two years. This will cost $55 each time.

What is the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam?

The PTCB exam is another pharmacy technician certification that is trusted by pharmacists. This credential is designed to demonstrate the candidate’s knowledge. It also shows their ability and aptitude for pharmacy settings.

PTCB CPhT certification is eligible for U.S. residents. You must complete a PTCB-recognized training program. Compliance with PTCB Certification policies and disclosure checks will also determine eligibility.

The pharmacy technician exam is also referred to as the PCTE (Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam).

How can I prepare for the PTCB Exam?

Preparing for the PTCB exam is similar to preparing for the NHA pharmacy technician test. Taking a PTCB practice test will help you get used to the style of questions.

Taking a PTCB practice test will also pinpoint any areas you need to study more.

There are great online resources where you can explore free PTCB practice tests.


The role of a pharmacy technician is ideal if you have an interest in becoming a healthcare professional. It gives you an opportunity to help patients with their prescriptions. This is a great role for people that aren’t keen on hands-on treatments.

A pharmacy technician can work in a retail pharmacy or hospital setting. The main role is assisting the pharmacist with the preparation and dispensing of prescription drugs.

This role carries a lot of responsibility. To guarantee patient safety, pharmacy technicians must have the proper accreditation.

There are a number of recognized pharmacy technician certifications. The NHA provides one of the most respected.

To pass your NHA pharmacy tech exam, you will have to display an in-depth knowledge of a number of topics.

To ensure you are ready for test day, implementing a good study plan should be a priority. Taking practice tests is the perfect way to gauge your development. It can also help you to pinpoint weaknesses in your knowledge.

The examples provided in this guide should allow you to test your progress and focus on any areas that need attention.