Shun the RAT RACE with These Flexible Online Pharmacy Tech Jobs

Working from home has become one of the new ways in which the world has adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Online Pharmacy Technician Job Opportunites?

  1. Remote pharmacy technician: A pharmacy technician who works remotely, usually for a company or hospital, providing support to pharmacists and interacting with patients through phone or online communication.
  2. Telepharmacy technician: A pharmacy technician who works in a remote pharmacy, communicating with patients and other healthcare professionals through phone and video calls, and processing and filling prescriptions.
  3. Virtual pharmacy technician: A pharmacy technician who works for a company or hospital, providing support to pharmacists and interacting with patients through phone or online communication, but does not have a physical pharmacy location.
  4. Online pharmacy technician instructor: A pharmacy technician who works for an online school or educational institution, teaching pharmacy technician courses and providing support to students through online communication.
  5. Online pharmacy technician consultant: A pharmacy technician who works as a consultant, providing expertise and advice to clients on various pharmacy-related topics through online communication.

Pharmacy techs usually work in hospitals, retail pharmacies, and care homes. They administer medications and offer clinical services. These clinical services include taking blood pressure and advising on over-the-counter medicines.

As odd as this might sound, many remote pharmacy technician jobs are available. Since the pandemic, many companies could shift to remote working. This made it possible for some people working in the pharmacy or healthcare industry.

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The roles and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician haven’t changed over time. The roles and responsibilities remained the same whether remote pharmacy technician or at the pharmacy practice.

Let’s discuss the roles of remote pharmacy technicians. Giving you tips on how to get your first online pharmacy technician job. The benefits of working from home as a pharmacy technician and the online job sites you can use to find these jobs.

What does a Remote Pharmacy Technician Do?

The roles and responsibilities of home pharmacy technician jobs include but are not limited to responding to prior requests made by doctors. These requests are when giving patients a prescription that needs to be filled at pharmacies by a pharmacist.

The ability to follow the pharmacy law and the healthcare industry also determines the pharmacy benefits under corresponding lines of business practices.

Unless a review is a must from the pharmacist first, Pharm techs are responsible for tracking and approving coverage determination requests submitted by providers.

They also track and approve coverage for prior authorizations for medicare part d recipients.

Another responsibility is keeping up-to-date with the admin. This task involves inserting information into the pharmacy system and tracking prior authorization outcomes.

Benefits Of Working From Home

There are many benefits to not only from home but working from home as a pharmacy technician.

  • You save time on travelling to work
  • You do not need extra leave or sick days
  • Can have a flexible work schedule
  • You are able to balance work and home life better
  • You are not exposed to illness and diseases when dealing with sick people at the pharmacy.

You also need not work at a pharmacy practice to be a processing provider. Working from home will give you access to prior authorization requests, and it will also have you partnering closely with other pharm techs that are also working online.

Home pharmacy technician jobs are only given to those with active pharmacy technician licensure.

CVs health industry has been advertising many jobs. These job alerts are looking for either a telepharmacy support specialist or pharmacy tech to work online.

This has increased the demand for pharm techs.

Tips To Get Your First Online Pharmacy Technician Job

Know what is expected of you as a pharmacy technician

Do research before applying for pharmacy technician jobs to ensure you fit the requirements. Depending on the state you are currently living in, the requirements differ, and most jobs only accept pharm techs that are under their state requirements.

Obtaining your PTCB certificate should be one of the mandatory requirements. This certificate gets you to be a registered pharmacy technician, and only active pharmacy technician licensure is accepted in most states.

Knowing your medical terminology makes communicating with patients and medical aid insurers easier.

Try to learn more about the pharmacy system and the company that you are applying to. This way, you can broaden your job search when looking for a remote pharmacy technician position.

Take pharmacy technician training

Many states require pharmacy technician training as a prerequisite. But, if you are in a state that does not require pharmacy technician training. Completing the educational program will be a significant advantage over those who have done the training.

Some companies at least want to see your registration for the national certification to consider you for a pharm tech job.

The Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) has an online associate degree. This program gives a solid education to help pharmacy techs get into entry-level jobs for pharm techs.

Significant post-qualification experience can help you get into a pharmaceutical company. It can also give you an advantage over those without experience. For some companies, hospital pharmacy experience is preferred.

Pass the PTCE

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board administers an exam called the PTCE. If you pass the exam, you will be a qualified pharmacy technician.

You can retake the PTCE test at least three times. If you have failed three times, candidates must wait 60 days between the first two attempts before reapplying.

If you have to take it a fourth time, you must wait for six months before reapplying for the last time. Any person who wants to take the test a fifth time has to wait for permission granted by the PTCB after a petition is submitted and reviewed.

Gain relevant experience

Relevant experience should be at the top of your list when looking for a pharmacy technician job. Although, if you already have the pharmacy technician qualification. You can apply for available positions immediately.

Suppose you are not qualified yet and are still looking for an opportunity to gain pharmacy technician experience. Try to enroll in programs that offer externships. Most retail pharmacies offer externships that can help pharm techs gain relevant experience.

In some states, you do not require registration of the PTCB as long as you have an active registration of the national certification.

Master the essential skills

Mastering the essential skills makes it easier to get into the swing of things before you land your first home pharmacy technician job.

Unless you have done an externship, some pharmacy technician programs make these a requirement. It might not be easy to know what is expected from you straight out of pharmacy school, primarily if you have not worked in a pharmacy technician position on-site before.

These essential skills are basic and easy to learn outside of the role. You should at least be able to do some data entry work, be confident and have compassion and patience. Being organized and having retail skills is other great skill to master.

Another bonus would be to have some insurance knowledge and learn how to do customer billing. Working at a pharmacy would require you to accept cash payments and issue invoices to keep track of medical schemes.

Take a job readiness class

If this is your first job, taking a job readiness class can help you prepare for interviews and teach you how to dress and conduct yourself.

It can also help settle those nerves while preparing to answer questions about yourself. It also helps you prepare some questions you might have about the company or the job alert.

Volunteer and network to find opportunities

You can join professional bodies such as the National Pharmacy Technician Association. Here, you will be notified of conferences that you can attend and other networking events.

Connecting and networking with people in the industry will help you get your foot in the door and give you access to opportunities.

Volunteering at a retail pharmacy can expose you to the pharmacy or healthcare industry.

Show great customer service skills

Having customer service skills can be helpful when you are looking for a job as a pharmacy technician.

Pharm techs are required to be patient, kind, and positive. Retail pharmacy can help you learn great customer service skills.

Prepare for interviews

Preparing for your interviews can help settle those nerves and help you do more research into what the companies want from you. It also teaches you how to best answer any questions to secure an opportunity to be selected for the job.

Use the internet

Use the internet to find these online pharmacy technician jobs. Many job sites have these job alerts, which can help you land that pharmacy tech job soon.

Salary Expectations Of A Online Pharmacy Technician

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average pharmacy technician earns $15.72 per hour, accumulating to $32 000 per year.

  • Your salary as a pharmacy technician is dependent on many factors:
  • The higher your qualification level
  • The more responsibilities you have in your role
  • The number of years you have spent as a pharmacy technician
  • Which state are you working in

Texas pharmacy techs are paid an average of $16.48 per hour and $34 290 per year.

Online Job Sites For Pharmacy Technicians

These are the top online job sites that you can use when researching to find the latest job alert on pharmacy technician opportunities.

Most of the remote pharmacy technician jobs are offered by CVS health. These are mainly for the states of California, Florida, and Illinois.

The latest job alert from CVS Health has specific requirements when it comes to working as a pharmacy technician.

The role they are looking to fill entails the pharmacy technician interpreting and entering information on prescriptions into their company computer system.

The pharmacy technician coordinates the documents prior to authorization outcomes.

Although these are remote positions, the employer hires pharmacy techs registered in their applicable state.

Online Pharmacy Tech Job Specifics

Most of the jobs advertised have specific requirements. Aside from working in a pharmacy, you can also do a home pharmacy technician job.

An essential need is to have an active pharmacy technician licensure and be registered in the state requirements where you live.

Some companies want significant post-qualification experience, such as hospital pharmacy experience preferred. In contrast, other companies accept a high school diploma and are registered as a pharmacy technician as enough.

You can be trained to read and understand prior authorization requests. Part of the job requires reading prescriptions and processing order inquiries. Ensuring you have filed the correct prescriptions in the pharmacy system. Checking that patients receive their medications in a timely manner.

You can either work as a pharmacy team member or report directly to a pharmacist. Sometimes, you are involved in the investigation process. You might also be responsible for verifying medical plans and working alongside neighboring departments.

Other responsibilities include updating patient profiles and answering incoming calls. You will also coordinate and process new patient medication orders and verify their medical benefits. You will also be responsible for managing pharmacy benefits and overseeing pharmacy operations.

Working as a telepharmacy support specialist includes explaining medical plans to customers, and it also includes resolving member issues, and making any additional verified calls with whom agents work.

For job seekers, it is important to find an equal-opportunity employer when looking for an opportunity to work from home. Being prepared when responding to job alerts gives you a great advantage.

To conclude, to be a working pharm tech. You must have an active license or national certification and be registered with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

Working from home as a pharm tech would include dealing with the prior authorization of members.

Processing the prescription claims to insurers that partner closely with the company. Explaining the company benefits under corresponding lines of business.

It is important to note that you can only work as a remote pharm tech at home if you are qualified and have received all the training you need.


What are the requirements to be a registered pharmacy technician?

You must have an active pharmacy technician licensure, depending on your state requirements. Or at least a PTCB national certification.

Can pharmacy techs work remotely?

Home pharmacy technician jobs can be done remotely, and you can find remote vacancies on the NPTA job board.

What does a pharmacy technician do?

A pharmacy technician works under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. They assist by being responsible for dispensing medication and dealing with member issues. At times they resolve member issues should any arise.

They are also responsible for offering clinical services. Other duties include doing any additional verified calls with whom agents work on clarifying any member prior authorization requests.

What is the average salary for a pharmacy technician?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a pharmacy technician is $36 740 per year, which can vary depending on the state requirements.

Where can I find online pharm tech jobs?

Job search platforms such as, and SimplyHired, amongst others.

How much do pharmacy technicians get paid?

Salaries differ in every state, and most are of a competitive rate. On average, hourly wages are between $15-$16 per hour.

Are Online Pharm Technician Jobs In Demand?

As people get older, there is an increase in the demand for pharmacy technician jobs. There is a great need for medications to be dispensed, and for a pharmacy technician, this is one of the major job duties.

Although there are many remote opportunities available, make sure you have the correct qualifications and training for the job you are applying for.