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The Lincoln Land Community College Pharmacy Technician program is one of the top pharmacy technician schools in Springfield, IL. As a long-standing institution in the community, it’s a well-respected school for future technicians.

However, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Here, you can learn more about the program details and see if it’d be the right program for you. 

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Lincoln Land Community College

Lincoln Land Community College is situated on the south side of the city, just a stone’s throw away from Lake Springfield and close by the University of Illinois Springfield.

The college was founded as a public community college in 1967 and offers plenty of scholarships each year for talented, disadvantaged students.

The college specializes in offering career-oriented programs designed to secure you a job in the science, health, or business sectors.

The Pharmacy Technician Program

The Pharmacy Technician program offered by Lincoln Land Community College is one of the most widely-recognized pharmacy technician schools in Springfield, IL.

Students must have a GED or a high school diploma to apply. The entire program has a duration of 5 months and is designed to prepare you for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). It starts at the beginning of January and ends with a final exam at the beginning of June.

The courses are designed to teach you all the skills you need to be a successful pharmacy technician and build a career in the industry. This includes pharmacology basics, handling inventory, and helping patients. 

The program is designed as a hybrid of online and face-to-face teaching. About one-third of the learning is conducted face-to-face for a total duration of 180 hours. 

The program also includes a one-month externship in the industry, helping you familiarize what exactly a pharmacy tech does and how you can help behind the counter.

Choosing Lincoln Land Community College

The Pharmacy Technician program offered by Lincoln Land Community College is one of the most reputable pharmacy technician schools in Illinois. But that doesn’t always mean it’s the right fit for you – make sure you understand all the program elements before you make a decision.

For example, the online hybrid setup may be a bonus for those who are working classes into a busy schedule and need flexibility. For others, online courses may be a drawback. So look at everything the program offers, and you can decide if it’s where you belong.

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