Studying Cannabis Health Therapy at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

The medical cannabis industry is on the rise in Pennsylvania. If you want to take advantage of the growing opportunities and help patients, a cannabis college in Pennsylvania is a great place to start. These programs like the one at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology offer comprehensive training programs in cannabis health therapy to set students up for success in this industry.

Learn more about the program and if it’s right for your future career in the health industry. 

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Flexible Online Learning

Students with jobs, children, or other obligations can opt for our fully-online classes. Learn everything you need for your degree from the comfort of your home. Transfer your credits to take your degree in chunks rather than going for a four-year program immediately. PIT provides endless options for students with conflicts to their education.

Post-Graduate Study or Career Placement

Graduates leave this cannabis college in Pennsylvania program with an Associates’s Degree in Cannabis Health Therapy. This degree and the education that comes with it set students up for a streamlined and straightforward transfer to a four-year degree program. Take your cannabis health therapy degree and leverage it toward a program in allied health, healthcare, or botany.

Alternatively, the degree puts graduates in the ideal position to immediately enter the medical cannabis field. The field continues to grow, with 23 unique conditions in Pennsylvania that merit medical marijuana. Typical careers for these graduates breach industries. These include:

  • Growing and cultivating
  • Manufacturing edibles and other products
  • Dispensary management
  • Retail
  • Medicine

Comprehensive Coursework

Classes for this program at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology range from basic anatomy and physiology courses to more specified studies, like The Science of Medical Cannabis or Introduction to Alternative Health Therapies. This cannabis college in Pennsylvania even includes business and marketing supplements like Managing Retail Services and Dispensaries.

The program objectives emphasize a holistic understanding of the industry and career. That means covering topics beyond the scope of science and medicine. That includes law, politics, business, marketing, and research analysis. 

Whatever students hope to pursue post-graduation, this program hopes to set them up for a broad understanding of each element essential to a career in cannabis health therapy or related fields.

Cannabis Health Therapy vs. Pharmacy Technician

By leveraging this associate’s degree, students can move to related training programs and become pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technicians require specialized knowledge of prescription processing. They spend much of their education learning about pharmacy technology, pharmacology, and prescription distribution. Like cannabis health therapy, this on-the-rise career does not require a four-year degree program.

A focus on prescription medications is central to a pharmacy technician career in Pennsylvania. Compare this to cannabis health therapy, which takes a more holistic, full-industry approach.

Is This Program Right For You?

PIT offers students flexibility and freedom in their coursework with this specialized associate’s program in cannabis health therapy. With online courses and holistic studies, students find that it introduces the industry perfectly for fast career placement and educational advancement.

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