Studying Pharmacy Tech at Atlanta Technical College

The Atlanta Technical College Pharmacy Tech course is one of the most popular pharmacy technician schools in Atlanta, GA. But what makes it stand out from the rest?

Here we’ll cover what you need to know about Atlanta Technical College and what makes theirs a strong program to consider. 

About Atlanta Technical College

The Atlanta Technical College is situated on the south of the city, right off highway 41 and I-85, making it easy to access from the highway. 

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The College was founded in 1945 to offer adult vocational courses. Following significant improvements in facilities, the college became a member of the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education and changed its name to Atlanta Technical College in 2000. It now has nearly 4,000 students enrolled per year.

The Pharmacy Technician Program

As one of the top pharmacy technician schools in Atlanta, GA, the school offers courses that cover everything you need to know about working behind the counter. The courses are designed to help you pass the National Pharmacy Technician Certification to be fully certified nationally and in the state of Georgia.

There are two different paths within the program that students can choose to become technicians. All students will initially need to complete the courses required for the assistant certificate. This is 3 semesters of study and 9 courses. 

Once that’s completed, students wanting to become pharmacy technicians can either complete a pharmacy technology diploma or a pharmacy technology associate’s degree. 

Students will complete 2 additional semesters and 6 courses for the diploma, meaning 5 semesters and 15 courses total. For the associate’s degree, it’s also 2 additional semesters but 9 additional courses. So for an associate’s degree, students will take 18 courses over the course of 5 semesters. 

At the end of both programs, there is a pharmacy practicum that’s worth 5 credits. This is where you look at how to organize and manage your own clinical environment. 

Is Atlanta Technical College Right for You?

Atlanta Technical College is one of the more popular pharmacy technician schools in Georgia. The program is a bit longer here than at other schools but provides a clear path to attaining a degree in your future career. If you want to learn everything there is to know about the industry, this could be the perfect place to start your career as a pharmacy technician.

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