Studying Pharmacy Tech at Pennco Tech

Are you interested in attending one of the pharmacy technician schools in Blackwood, NJ? Look no further because Pennco tech is helping students become qualified professionals in the field. Learn more about Pennco’s pharmacy technician program and see if it’s the right choice for you. 

About the Program

Pennco Tech has several locations, but the one in Blackwood is located just off the freeway. This makes it perfect for those commuting from Cherry Hill. And as one of the most respected programs offering pharmacy technician schools in New Jersey, it attracts people from around the area. 

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As part of their instruction, students will use practice software that simulates a virtual pharmacy where they can connect with customers and carry out essential tasks that they would do in a professional setting. These include:

  • Work on prescriptions
  • Interact with insurance representatives
  • Prepare medication labels
  • Handle inventory and store management duties

The school has both day and evening classes available. This way, students can find course times that work for them and their schedules. 


In addition to courses, students will also complete an externship. All of these can be done in as little as six months. With courses giving students the skills and an immersive professional experience providing the skills, students will be ready to complete the duties of a pharmacy technician

The included externship prepares students for their certification by working with a local employer in a real, professional environment. The professional experience improves chances of employment after graduation and allows students to begin networking in the pharmaceutical industry before graduating. 


Upon program completion from one of the pharmacy technician schools in New Jersey, students must pass an exam that qualifies under the State Board of Pharmacy requirements. Students will be eligible for a license with the education acquired at Pennco plus the certification exam. They can then work as a tech in various environments, including hospitals and drug stores. 

Enrolling at Pennco Tech

If you are interested in helping people, attending one of the pharmacy technician schools in Blackwood, NJ, like Pennco Tech, will put you on the right path to a fulfilling career. 

Pennco provides the courses students need and the connections for networking and gaining necessary skills. And with such a fast program, you could be well on your way to working as a pharmacy technician in as little as six months.

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