Studying Pharmacy Technology at Columbus State Community College

If you’re looking for a shorter pharmacy technician course to get you to a level where you are employable, then the program at Columbus State Community College may be just what you need. The college offers an accelerated learning program that gets you ready for the job market in just two semesters of study. 

When comparing pharmacy technician schools in Columbus, OH, Columbus State ranks highly. It’s a great choice for people looking to start earning soon. Let’s explore what the college has to offer. 

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But is this the program that’s best for you? Let’s help you decide with this overview of the pharmacy technician program at Columbus State. 

Program Overview

This pharmacy technician Columbus state training covers all the essential aspects to set you up in a pharmacy tech career. The aim of the program is to develop candidates to qualify for their national certification and to secure entry-level positions.

The pharmacy tech full-time program typically takes place over 26 to 32 weeks delivered over a period of 2-semesters. Students can select one of two start dates. You can enroll in the autumn or in the spring. 

The course comprises teaching, simulated, and experiential modules. Courses cover: 

  • Medical abbreviations
  • Prescription interpretation and writing
  • How to fill in drug forms
  • Pharmacy administration
  • Sterile and non-sterile compounding
  • Communication skills for the pharmacy tech and pharmacist relationship


The program prepares students for positions for both inpatient and outpatient work. These positions may be available to graduates at retail or mail-order pharmacies, nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted-living facilities. The program also includes a 140-hour externship period, where students gain experience in a pharmaceutical workplace. The hands-on externship is compulsory to qualify for ASHP accreditation.

To qualify for the externship, candidates must complete and obtain at least a grade “C” for all course modules. Be aware that the college will conduct a background check and drug screening on all prospective students. To become a pharmacy technician in Columbus state, candidates must qualify with a clean slate.


When it comes to pharmacy technician schools in Ohio, Columbus State is one of the most affordable schools. The college aims to address the student debt issue that cripples many young people in the US. The pharmacy tech program tuition fees are $5038 per annum, and financial aid or payment plans are available. 

Campus Life

The college aims to develop modern, empowered, and well-rounded individuals that will excel in the workplace and therefore offers its students some great campus life opportunities. Candidates can join many student organizations, wellness, and recreational groups, and athletics activities.


Columbus State is a superb option for people looking to get a qualification behind them quickly while still maintaining a high standard. The college helps these kinds of students enter the workplace and earn a wage much faster than other schools because of the in-depth curriculum and externship opportunity.

We recommend visiting the campus to get a better sense of the program and campus life before applying.

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