What’s the Best School for Pharmacy Technician Training in Dallas, Texas?

Are you considering pharmacy technician schools in Dallas, TX? Our guide compares the two leading colleges offering these programs.

Asher College – Dallas

Asher College offers a flexible program that allows students to take classes in the daytime, evening, or night. It’s designed to let students earn their pharmacy technician qualifications around their current jobs or circumstances.

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Certificate Program

The certificate program equips students with all the skills they’ll need for their first professional job as a pharmacy technician. It includes technical studies and covers key areas like communication, typing, and mathematical studies.

The program also includes classroom and laboratory work, which can be completed in 11 months. Students will graduate with a comprehensive idea of how the professional environment functions.

Associate Degree

The associate degree is a more complete program that includes business, management, and government studies. This can also be completed in a year but will provide more in-depth knowledge of operating a practice. The associate degree equips students with the skills needed to progress to management positions.


The median annual salary of a pharmacy technician is around $35,000 per year, according to the BLS. However, management positions may earn more, and students taking the associate degree will acquire more detailed knowledge that could let them move into technical positions in specialist pharmacies. 

Dallas College – Richland Campus

The pharmacy technician program at Dallas College covers all the technical areas that students will need for their first professional role. It also helps them prepare for certification exams and licensure.


The course is divided into five modules:

  • Institutional Pharmacy Practice
  • Introduction to Pharmacy
  • Community Pharmacy Practice
  • Drug Classification
  • Pharmaceutical Math I

The program prepares students to take on further learning opportunities if they wish but covers all the basics of working in this field. Studies are also focused on helping students pass the NPTCE exam and gain licensure from the Texas State Board.


This college helps students work towards their first professional position and focuses on gaining licensure. This gives graduates stronger prospects than some other colleges that may focus more on academics.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in Dallas, TX: Final Thoughts

Dallas College is a great place to work towards your first professional role, while Asher College is among the best pharmacy technician schools in Texas, for specialist learning opportunities. Asher College’s associate degree program may also help students progress to senior roles.

Prospective learners should contact the college to find out about open days and details of the programs.