What’s the Best School for Pharmacy Technician Training in El Paso, Texas?

Are you looking to become a pharmacy technician in Texas and not sure which school to go to? Knowing that you want to go into healthcare and help people is a great first step, but choosing a school can be tricky. With so many schools to choose from, it’s a tough decision. Read on to learn about the differences between two of the best pharmacy technician schools in Texas: Pima Medical Institute and El Paso Community College. 


If you’re looking for a quick program to become a pharmacy technician, Pima Medical Institute is the school for you. You can complete the course in as little as 9 months, whereas at El Paso Community College, it can take one or two years. 

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At El Paso Community College, it takes one year to gain a certificate of completion and two years to complete the associate’s program. However, the choice at El Paso Community College means that you can choose how in-depth and how much experience you learn before undertaking being a pharmacy technician as a career — and an associate’s degree could improve your employment chances and raise your salary.

Expected Outcomes

These pharmacy technician schools in El Paso, TX, prepare students to become successful pharmacy technicians. This means students will learn the essential duties of a technician, including:

  • Read and prepare prescriptions
  • Prepare and package prescriptions
  • Manage pharmacy inventory
  • Sterilize equipment
  • Develop customer service skills

While both schools teach the basics, there are some differences. El Paso Community College encourages more all-rounded skills, such as enhancing skills in communication, both orally and written, teamwork, taking responsibility, critical thinking, and technical skills to perform the job. 

Pima Medical Institute focuses more on skills involved in day-to-day job performance. These skills include working in a real-life lab to practice the work you would perform in your future career, such as mixing medicines, interacting with patients and colleagues, and operating equipment. The focus at this school is more oriented towards being able to help patients when doing rounds in the hospital.

Choosing the Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in El Paso, TX

These two pharmacy technician schools in El Paso, TX each offer something a little different. So focus on what looking for. Pima Medical Institute offers a shorter program to fast-track your career. If you want to earn an associate’s degree and receive a more well-rounded education, consider El Paso Community College. 

But with two great programs to choose from, you’ll be well on your way to a successful career no matter what you decide.

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