Best Pharmacy Tech Schools in the Queens, NY Area

Are you looking for the best pharmacy technician schools in Queens, NY? Our guide explores two schools known for their thorough education and prospects: Access Careers Pharmacy Technician Training and New York Medical Career Training Center.

Let’s compare both pharmacy technician schools in Queens, NY, to help you decide which is best for you.  

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Access Careers Pharmacy Technician Training


Access Careers is an established course provider with excellent industry links. The program is designed to help graduates thrive in their first professional role, with most education and training being focused on the day-to-day operation of a pharmacy. It prioritizes practical knowledge such as measuring prescriptions and covers the types of environments graduates might work in, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Community pharmacies

It provides students with a firm understanding of the technical aspects of working in these environments and offers some background on the medical science behind becoming a pharmacy technician.


These courses are presently taught online with a live tutor. This enables students to learn safely from the comfort of their homes and saves on transport costs.


Students graduating from Access Careers pharmacy technician schools in New York are offered an interview by Walgreens upon passing the ExCPT exam with a good grade. This interview leads to an internship that can develop into a successful career with a well-regarded provider.

New York Medical Career Training Center


The New York Medical Career Training Center offers a comprehensive introduction to life working in a pharmacy and a comprehensive education on the technical elements of a pharmacy technician’s role.

A varied study program includes modules on the history of the practice and key modules on physiology and pharmacology. Modules also cover increasingly popular fields like alternative medicine and psychopharmacology.

Studies are complemented by a 120-hour internship that gives students first-hand experience of this career path and prepares them for their first professional role. The total hours for this course are 250h.


The course is taught at the Queens campus. The internship will take place at a local practice – get in touch with the school to find out about potential locations.


This school offers excellent resources to connect its students with potential employers as a career training center. The internship program also gives graduates a headstart over graduates from competing schools.

Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in Queens NY: Verdict

Both pharmacy technician schools in Queens, NY, offer excellent graduation prospects, with Access Careers providing a link to Walgreens and NYMCTC giving students a very thorough grounding in the academic side of pharmacy. Prospective students should contact each school to learn more about their programs.

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