Studying Pharmacy Tech at OCM BOCES in Syracuse, NY

Looking for the best pharmacy technician schools in Syracuse, NY? OCM BOCES is an accredited education provider with a highly-rated pharmacy technician program and a reputation for excellent graduation prospects.

This guide describes the program and considers its merits.

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About The Program

The pharmacy technician program at OCM BOCES requires students to undertake 810 hours of study. The curriculum covers key topics such as:

  • Measuring, mixing, and dispensing prescriptions
  • The day-to-day running of a practice
  • Mathematics for pharmacy technicians
  • Communication skills
  • Physiology and pharmacology

Compared to many other pharmacy technician training schools in Syracuse, the classroom component is fairly rigorous. This gives students an excellent of understanding of what knowledge is required for the field. While the course load might be intense, graduates from this college are often preferred over candidates from other schools.


The school’s main campus is located in Liverpool NY. Most students will attend this campus – the cost of uniforms and study materials is included in the tuition fees.

It’s also possible to complete this program online. Online learning is mostly taught through live lessons, with educational resources available online whether you’re studying remotely or at the main campus. Adult learners should contact the school to discuss flexible learning options. 


The program also focuses heavily on helping graduates find employment. It has a 58% initial employment rate after graduation and makes a substantial effort to set graduates up with trusted pharmacies where they can learn on the job. In addition, students can participate in a 6-week internship to prepare for professional life as pharmacy technicians, which is appealing to employers. 

The BLS estimates the median annual salary for pharmacy technicians to be around $35,000. However, the in-depth medical and organizational knowledge that students acquire at OCM Boces makes it easier to progress to senior roles and higher pay grades upon employment.

Contact the admissions office to learn more about the school’s internship program, networking opportunities, and typical careers its graduates go into. 

Final Thoughts

With its flexible learning options, rigorous academic program, and excellent graduation prospects, OCM BOCES has a reputation as one of the best pharmacy technician schools in New York. You’ll leave with well-rounded knowledge and hands-on experience if you participate in the internship.

Get in touch with the college to find out about online learning as well as the types of modules you’ll undertake on this course.

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