A Guide To Navigating The Complexities Of An Online Pharmacy Residency Program

Are you looking for the perfect online pharmacy residency program? Well then, you know how difficult the search can be. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you.

In this guide, we’ll discuss all you need to know about navigating the complex world of an online pharmacy residency program.

What Is A Residency Program?

A pharmacy residency program is a stage of your postgraduate pharmacy training. Your pharmacy residency training takes place in a medical setting such as a hospital or a community pharmacy.

It is a 12-month training program that helps you to acquire the skills required for the job in a real-world setting.

The idea behind it is to help you to achieve professional competence. This is brought about by working alongside experienced pharmacists. The location of your residency depends on the type of pharmacist you’ve trained to be.

For example, a managed care pharmacy residency program may take place in a managed care pharmacy practice. If you’ve trained to be a pharmacy benefit manager, your residency may take place at the offices of a pharmacy benefit management company.

Those who have trained to be health system pharmacists receive systematic training in a hospital setting.

What Does An Online Residency Program Look Like?

An online residency program combines both online learning and in-person experience. The in-person element varies widely depending on your specialty and the course itself.

For example, a managed care pharmacy residency program will differ from other specialty pharmacy residencies. Health system pharmacists are involved in more diverse patient care than managed care pharmacists. So, the in-person element would likely be more significant.

Online residencies may involve virtual team-building exercises, in-person networking events, hands-on coursework, and soft skills workshops.

Essentially, all residency programs online are different. Even programs within the same field differ from each other.

Why Might You Choose An Online Residency Program?

If you choose an online residency program, you get the best of both online learning and hands-on experience. This helps to increase your knowledge and build your resume. It also gives you a better chance of securing employment in your field.

During an online residency, you’ll have the chance to take part in:

  • Group work – this may take place virtually or face-to-face. Group work could involve simulations of real-world scenarios and quick breakout conversations.
  • Networkingthis involves discussions with other residents and professional pharmacists. It’s a great way to share expertise and ask questions.
  • Instructor observation – you may be observed by an instructor when in a professional environment. They will provide feedback so that you improve as a pharmacist.

What Online Pharmacy Residency Programs Are Available?

There are currently no pharmacy residency programs available online. This is due to the fact that these residencies have a large in-person element. You get the most benefit out of them by being in a professional setting.

Something like a managed care pharmacy residency program may not require as much interaction with patients as residencies in other fields. So, it would be more suited to be conducted both online and in person. Still, a program such as this is not available at the moment.

You can find the right pharmacy residency program for you by using the ASHP online directory. The programs in this directory are accredited by ASHP to ensure they meet the required standards.


What questions should I ask at a pharmacy residency program interview?

The best questions to ask at a residency program interview include:

  • What kind of projects are current residents working on?
  • What jobs are some of your former residents doing?
  • What makes your program unique or successful?
  • How do you evaluate your residents?
  • What is your vision for your pharmacy department?
  • Are their leadership development opportunities available?
  • How flexible are your rotation schedules?

How do I make myself desirable to a residency program?

One of the best ways to stand out to a residency program provider is to work away rotations. This allows the faculty to witness you working in your field. You’ll have the chance to impress the staff and other pharmacists. This will prove to them that you’re a good match for the program.

What are the three things I should look for in a residency program?

The three main things to look for when choosing a residency are geographic location, how well it matches your skills, and the quality of the other pharmacy residents in the program.

Final Thoughts

An online residency program is a great way for you to hone your skills and further your career. As there are currently none available in the pharmacy field, you may want to consider a traditional pharmacy residency instead.





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