Pharmacy Technician Programs in Rockford, IL

In Illinois, there are dozens of pharmacy schools to choose from. Because of this, it can become a little overwhelming to know which school is best for you. To help, we break down some differences between Tech Prep and Rasmussen University, two pharmacy technician schools in Rockford, IL.

What Do the Programs Offer?

RX Tech Prep

The school offers a condensed course to become qualified assisting technicians in as little as 11 classes, with 1 day per week of study. Classes take place either on campus or can be taken online. Courses are typically completed in 6 months. 

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The Tech Prep curriculum includes all the necessary subjects to pass the PTCB national exam and fulfill a pharmacy technician’s responsibilities. These include pharmacy law, medication safety, and the order entry process. 

RX Tech Prep offers free employment advice and externships, although they are not mandatory. Their instructors are licensed pharmacists, so students get advice directly from professionals. 


The pharmacy technician certificate program is available both online and in person. Students are offered non-stop support from experienced tutors, advisors, access to a library, learning resources, and 24/7 tech support. 

Rasmussen University is experienced in providing online courses, having offered an online program for nearly two decades. The university allows for credit transfers, so if you want to take a Healthcare Associate’s degree, you have the option of transferring your pharmacy technician program credits. Rasmussen University is also accredited by several organizations.

The program is broken down into 12 courses over 38 credit hours and is usually completed in as few as 9 months. The skills-based curriculum covers subjects such as medical terminology, medical law, and ethics, sterile and non-sterile compounding to prepare students for the PTCE.

What Are Their Drawbacks?

Both pharmacy technician schools in Illinois have a lot to offer students. However, each has its own drawbacks. 

As for RX Tech Prep, the school isn’t accredited, though it is recognized by the IBHE. This means you’ll be able to become a certified pharmacy technician, but the credits may not transfer if you choose to pursue more education. The school also cannot offer financial aid but provides payment plans.

For Rasmussen University, the school is much bigger than RX Tech Prep, with many programs, more staff, and more resources. However, it also means that the pharmacy assistant technician course is just one of many, and you may not have the individualized attention you’re looking for. 

Choosing a School

Both Tech Prep and Rasmussen University provide students with the knowledge needed to become qualified pharmacy technician assistants through their pharmacy technician schools in Rockford, IL. Whichever course you choose, you will be thoroughly prepared to take the necessary exams so that you can become qualified.

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