Which Is Better for Pharm Tech in NYC? Manhattan Institute or Monroe College?

If you’re looking for pharmacy technician schools in NYC, look no further than Manhattan Institute and Monroe College. Both institutions have many benefits, and students have gone on to succeed in their careers after graduating from both. But, if you’re not sure which one is for you, here is what you need to know about each school.  

Manhattan Institute 

Pharmacy technician training at the Manhattan Institute is designed to prepare students for employment within the growing occupation. Manhattan Institute has a large state-of-the-art facility. Professionals in the workplace also use the modern equipment accessible to students.

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Instructors are NYC State-licensed

All instructors have the specific licenses needed, and they are carefully handpicked for their knowledge, job experience, and ability to communicate with students easily. 

Financial Support Available

Manhattan Institute believes student welfare is just as important as education. The college provides a student support service, student accommodation, and various student loans and other financing options that will help support studies.

Entry Requirements

The Manhattan Institute stresses that candidates applying for the Pharm Tech course should not have prior records of substance or drug abuse, as it will prove difficult to secure employment within the industry.

Monroe College

Monroe’s comprehensive course prepares students for entry-level positions in retail, long-term care, hospital, home health care, and physician office pharmacy. 

On the Job Training

Students will learn to assist the pharmacist and perform the necessary daily tasks of the job. These include dosage calculations, medication preparation, compounding, patient information maintenance, IV admixture, and inventory quality control. 

Students are offered a real-world education and have the opportunity to learn from New York City-based professionals and get a hands-on learning experience.

Excellent Student Support

The Monroe College Department of Public Safety has a mission to enhance the quality of life of their student community. They do this by maintaining a secure and open environment that prioritizes safety and students’ rights. 

Students are also offered a 360º support system, with a supportive staff and faculty making sure they stay on track.

Career Advancement Opportunities 

Monroe College helps students advance their careers both during studies and after. The college shapes a program for each student and helps them learn the skills they need.

Choose the Right College For You

Both pharmacy technician schools in New York offer great opportunities for those who enroll and study with them. Whichever institute you choose, you’ll have access to the best tutoring, equipment, and student support services in the pharmaceutical industry.

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