Studying Pharmacy Tech at Yakima Valley College

If you want to help patients by getting them the prescriptions and immunizations they need, you’ll need to attend one of the pharmacy technician schools in Yakima Valley, WA. Of these, Yakima Valley College is a popular choice for aspiring technicians. But you’ll want to know all about it before you begin your education there. 

Learn more about Yakima Valley College and see if it’s the best fit for you. 

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The School

The school is located just southwest of downtown Yakima Valley and just 20 minutes by bus from the center of town. With a charming campus set against the mountain backdrop, you may opt for the associate’s degree to enjoy an extra year at this college. 

Program Basics

You can choose between two paths at Yakima Valley college: the certificate program or an associate’s degree. 

  • The certificate program takes only a year. This will be the training you need to get to work behind the counter. Additionally, with only 55 credits to complete, you’ll have less tuition and fees to pay, making it an affordable way to start your career. 
  • On the other hand, the associate’s degree is two years. It is the more expensive and time concussing option. However, it will give you an even more thorough knowledge of the industry, give you the freedom to any state you like for work, and be a way of standing out from the crowd and increasing your pay


Your curriculum will look different whether you opt for a certificate or an associate’s degree. Both curriculums offer access to hands-on simulations and laboratory practice. This means you’re not only learning, but you’ll get the training so that you can enter the workforce with the necessary skills. 

The online courses available are one big bonus of the school that you won’t find with many other pharmacy technicians schools in Washington. All students will have access to simulations and classes online, meaning that their education continues outside the classroom. This is key in providing students with the flexibility to get their education completed and careers started. 

Applying to Yakima Valley College

Yakima Valley College is one of the most prestigious pharmacy technician schools in Yakima Valley, WA. Because of that, they only accept 20 students a year. If you think this is the best place for your education, work hard on the application, so you can complete your certificate or degree with this excellent program.

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