Studying Pharmacy Technology at Davidson-Davie Community College

At Davidson-Davie Community College, students have the opportunity to excel at a pharmacy technician school in Lexington, NC, and get started on a new career path.

To become a pharmacy technician at Davidson-Davie, the school offers hands-on experience that will help prepare students for a job and a growing career in the pharmaceutical field. 

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About the School

Davidson-Davie Community College spans 97 acres. The main campus is in Mocksville, NC, and there are three satellite locations: Thomasville, Lexington, and Bermuda Run, NC. 

The school is a fully accredited, multi-campus college that offers associate degrees and certificate programs. At Davidson-Davie, students are given options that fit busy schedules, offering daytime and evening courses and in-person, online, or combination course options. 

About the Program 

The program to be a pharmacy technician at Davidson-Davie entails a total of 36 or 64 credit hours — this will determine if a diploma or associate’s degree is awarded. In this program, students will learn all the knowledge and skill required to work effectively behind the counter. 

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for the lucrative pharmaceutical field including but not limited to hospital work, working for wholesale drug companies, nursing homes, research labs, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. 

It will take 2 years to complete this program, and students will attend the Davidson Campus for in-person courses. For students looking to attend a pharmacy technician school in North Carolina, the distance from Lexington to the Davidson Campus is just a short 20-minute drive. 

Pharmacy Technology Degrees and Certificates

Students who participate in this program at Davidson-Davie will learn to prepare prescription medications, update patient charts, package medications, update and maintain inventory, and gather data to use for drug therapy. 

Students can either complete the associate’s degree or diploma program. Both meet the requirements to work as a pharmacy technician. However, a degree may allow for more job opportunities or higher pay. 

After earning a diploma, students are eligible to take the national Pharmacy Tech Certification Exam. This will allow techs to work around the country. 

Is Davidson-Davie Right for You?

Davidson-Davie has an excellent program for anyone interested in attending Pharmacy Technician school in Lexington, NC, or the surrounding areas. Courses to be a pharmacy technician at Davidson-Davie will prepare students to excel as technicians, but it will also help them gain more insight into the pharmaceutical field, preparing them for a successful career.

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