What’s the Best School for Pharmacy Technician training in Tampa?

If you live in Tampa, Florida, and want to become a pharmacy technician, you’ll need to attend a local pharmacy tech college. However, knowing which school to apply for can be confusing when there are a few good options. 

To help narrow down which one of the pharmacy technician schools in Tampa, FL, might be best for you, we’ll share details on two of the best programs: Brewster Technical College and Alterius Career College.

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What Do the Programs offer?

Both Brewster Technical College and Alterius Career College offer courses that prepare their students for passing national exam boards so that they are fully qualified to become pharmacy technicians. However, the programs differ in structure, flexibility, and coursework. 

Brewster Technical College

At Brewster Technical College, classes are taken on campus five times a week from 7:30 am – 1:30 pm, and the technician course takes a year to complete. The curriculum covers everything necessary to complete exams and receive certification. This includes:

  • Learning medication names and usage
  • Performing dosage calculations
  • Creating IV products with an aseptic technique

Alterius Career College

The second of the pharmacy technician schools in Tampa, FL, Alterius Career College, offers an 8-month program, which has only one day on campus. The rest of the course is taken online. 

In total, the course includes 280 classroom hours, 280 lab hours, and a 200-hour externship. The curriculum at Alterius includes professional skills’ development such as interpersonal skills to aid students in job preparation.

What are the Benefits of Attending Brewster Technical College?

  • In 2016, 2017, and 2018, there was an 87.3% exam pass rate
  • 93% of students gained employment or placement after studying.
  • The course is taught by certified teachers. The program director is a registered pharmacy technician and PTCB certified. All the program instructors are registered technicians and are PTCB certified too.

What are the Benefits of Attending Alterius Career College?

  • With a majority-online course, you can study while balancing a busy schedule.
  • The course offers an ‘all-inclusive’ package, so pharmacy technician students receive a laptop they keep after graduating. The tuition also includes a backpack, scrubs, and fees for the final exams.
  • Alterius is one of the pharmacy technician schools in Florida, that offers financial aid.

The Round-Up

While both courses prepare their students to become qualified technicians, the amount of time on-campus differs between the two courses. The schedule at Alterius Career College is more flexible with online training, which might appeal to students that work full time. However, Brewster Technical College boasts high success rates and is known for its in-depth pharmacology training.

Still not sure which of these pharmacy technician schools in Tampa, FL, to attend? We recommend scheduling tours at each campus before you apply, so you can ask the staff and faculty more questions about each program.

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